What is the difference between a "STAR" smog check station and a non STAR smog check station?

A "STAR" smog check station is certified by the state of California to perform official smog checks and is graded by the state on their diligence in the performance of a smog check procedure for a particular vehicle as specified in the smog check inspection manual made available to every licensed station by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. If the station applies for, and is accepted by the state to be participants in the "STAR" smog check program, then the station will be able to issue a certificate of compliance to a vehicle passing a smog check when a motorist is referred by the DMV to such a station for vehicle registration renewal.


A non "star" station may not issue a certificate to the motorist's vehicle. They may however, test and issue certificates to vehicles not directed by the DMV to a "STAR" smog check station.



















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